Why SmartDreamers Is the Go-To Platform for Givaudan’s Employer Brand

Givaudan has more than 15,000 employees and is continually expanding their search for new talent across the world. When they first encountered SmartDreamers the objective was to spread their message far and wide to get the best people on board for Taste & Wellbeing and Fragrances & Beauty.



Taste & Wellbeing and Fragrances & Beauty



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April, 2020


Meet Caroline Mancioppi, Givaudan’s Recruitment Brand and Marketing Manager from Geneva, Switzerland. Our story begins in 2020 when she took Givaudan’s recruitment marketing strategy to the next level using SmartDreamers. How did she go about this journey? We’re glad you asked.


Adopting a data-driven recruitment marketing strategy with the SmartDreamers platform

Givaudan has more than 15,000 employees and is continually expanding their search for new talent across the world. When they first encountered SmartDreamers the objective was to spread their message far and wide to get the best people on board either for their taste & wellbeing division or fragrances and beauty. As a company providing B2B solutions, increasing brand awareness globally was far from an easy task—given that consumer brands historically have more exposure and are more familiar to candidates.

But in 2020, the collaboration between Givaudan and SmartDreamers has been started. Here are some of the key outcomes that made a big difference.


Easy managed high volume data from multiple sources

For Givaudan, one of the biggest advantages of using SmartDreamers lies in the potential for time saved. As an all-in-one recruitment marketing automation tool, the platform gives you the convenience of storing all of your recruitment marketing data in one single place.

We are a small team, and technology can make the difference in terms of enhancing people’s capability. SmartDreamers helped us centralize our recruitment marketing data. So, if we are looking at KPIs (from social media, Google Analytics, or Success Factors) we can easily access this information from the SmartDreamers dashboard with one single click”, Caroline, Recruitment Brand & Marketing Manager, notes.

From Excel files to dynamic dashboards, Caroline found that the visual representation of data from the SmartDreamers dashboard serves as a faster and more user-friendly way of extracting the information she needs.

She points out “It is key for us to understand what is the ROI [on your recruitment marketing campaigns] to really show management what we managed to achieve”.


Publish advertising campaigns on a broad mix of platforms

SmartDreamers is designed to help recruitment marketing professionals publish advertising campaigns on any social media channel of choice. So, whether you’re looking for broad audiences in the sales industry or niche talent specialized in particular technologies, there’s a broad range of channels to choose from. A functionality that came in handy for Caroline and her team, given Givaudan’s focus across different talent pools. Yet another benefit of having everything in one place was to save time and use it more wisely, such as to measure and optimize campaigns.
“SmartDreamers is not only about centralizing data, but it also’s about publishing on different social platforms, and it saves a lot of time instead of going separately on each platform”, says Caroline.

For Givaudan’s awareness campaigns, she lists some of the top channels that worked best such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube, and Snapchat. She adds “What worked best is really the mix of channels, and measuring quite frequently how they perform. So, if one channel was not performing we could stop an ad and invest in those that work best. It was also about playing with A/B testing in terms of the visual and tagline, so we could get a feeling of what works and for which audience.


Get an in-depth understanding of the candidate journey

As time went by and Givaudan continued to advertise their employer brand, performance metrics revealed a great deal of information on how she could strategically improve each campaign. Insights such as how much time a potential candidate has spent on the career site, what type of content was more engaging, and what roles they applied for turned out to be a stepping stone for understanding candidate behavior. “Google Analytics helped us understand the behavior of people who landed on our job portal as well as on our company page”, Caroline mentions.


Positioning recruitment marketing a key function at Givaudan

Givaudan has strongly believed in investing in recruitment marketing early on, whereas some companies might not. When asked how to have the budget approved for recruitment marketing campaigns, Caroline recommends:

If you think about it, the recruitment marketing function is rather new if you compare it to B2B or B2C marketing” - explains Caroline - “therefore some senior managers need to be educated on the function as well because they may think if the company is profitable, why make an extra effort to attract the interest for potential candidates?


Here’s a little bit about her approach and how she handled this process at Givaudan.


Educate senior management on the importance of recruitment marketing

Givaudan defines their advertising budget for recruitment marketing every year and is a core part of their annual planning. To get there, Caroline worked with SmartDreamers to identify the resources needed to support their hiring goals and the KPIs that will help her measure campaign performance at every stage of the application funnel. She highlights that “It all goes down to the impact you want to make. You want to go out there with the most suitable budget’ based on analytics and experience in order to achieve the intended impact.


Analyze ROI beyond impressions

As a best practice to stand out in front of executives, Caroline talks about how the pitch is all about sticking to strategic goals rather than focusing on engagement metrics details:

For senior management, going into details such as CTR is not necessarily relevant. What you could do, is stick to the strategic goals. Think about the goals of the company and how Recruitment Marketing can support them so that they can see it in the bigger picture.


Planning ahead for a bright future

While the journey of attracting talent is far from over, Givaudan continues to think of creative ways to make it a better experience for candidates worldwide.

What we see is that localization becomes key, for example being able to serve content in the native language so that the audience can relate to it. So, we work on building a customized user experience for the talent we’re trying to attract and to really offer them a seamless digital journey.”

Now with SmartDreamers in her tool belt, Caroline runs her recruitment marketing projects with ease, and has greater visibility across the most relevant KPIs to both measure and improve her strategy on an ongoing basis.

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