Revolutionary Recruitment Analytics

SmartDreamers Reports gathers data from all your social media platforms, job portals, niche websites, and your career page for end-to-end data analysis of the candidate journey.

Gather data from all your social media platforms, job portals, niche websites, and your career page in one place

Automate data collection from all your job advertising channels

Visualize the entire candidate journey with attractive dashboards and reports

Connect with niche channels that lack APIs using robotic process automation (RPA)

ATS and CRM integration

Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, and More!

Measuring data from multiple sources by hand can be time consuming. At SmartDreamers, we use Robotic Process Automation to gather data from all of your online recruitment channels into one streamlined interface.

Measure data from multiple sources in one dashboard
View the candidate interaction with your campaigns and top performing channels

The Candidate's Journey, from A to Z

By understanding the candidate's journey through careful data analysis, you can perfect your employer brand over time. Easily visualize which ads are driving up applications, which sites are reaching your target audience, and which parts of your applicant funnel might need tweaking. SmartDreamers empowers you to build a more effective recruitment marketing strategy over time.

One Dashboard for Your Whole Organization

SmartDreamers Reports gives your entire team access to the info they need to make smart, data-driven hiring decisions. Keep all of your teams in the loop and on the same page throughout the recruitment cycle with a shared dashboard that highlights important KPIs and metrics.

Make smart, data-driven hiring decision with the SmartDreamers reporting dashboard
Track candidate social media interactions and cost per click to measure the ROI

Easily Measure ROI by Channel

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. See where your efforts are paying off and where your recruitment ROI is lagging behind. SmartDreamers Reports helps users to guide their efforts to the right channels and ensure that the right candidates are being reached with timely, engaging content.

A perfect fit in your software ecosystem

Our optimized configuration process saves your team time while running and scaling distributed applications, AI & machine learning workloads, hosted services, client websites, or CI/CD environments.

SmartDreamers integrates with your CRM and ATS

Find out how you can hire faster and better

Talk with the SmartDreamers experts and see how you can centralise candidates sourcing in one business application, integrated with your CRM and ATS.