SmartDreamers and Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics
What is Google Analytics and how does it work?
Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool designed to help companies evaluate their website traffic and investigate the effectiveness of their digital marketing actions.
A company's website, or in our case, career page, is the core of their online or digital presence and has the potential to offer a comprehensive view of the performance of all running campaigns destined to promote the company's brand or open positions.
Google Analytics works by placing several tracking lines of code into the website's structure that are destined to record the various activities of all visiting users.
Connecting Google Analytics within SmartDreamers
All it takes is a Google Analytics account, and you can add Google Analytics tracking to your recruitment campaigns. This way, Google is able to send data straight to your SmartDreamers reporting module.

This will give users a much better overview of their entire career sites’ traffic and performance, on top of the campaigns running with SmartDreamers.

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