SmartDreamers and Greenhouse integration


The integration between SmartDreamers and Greenhouse presents a robust and comprehensive approach to talent acquisition. SmartDreamers covers the top of the funnel (recruitment marketing), enhancing the initial interactions with candidates. On the other hand, Greenhouse efficiently manages the subsequent recruitment processes.

The combined effectiveness is elevated through an API integration, which introduces several automated workflows, thereby optimizing the entire talent acquisition funnel.

Key integration aspects include:

  • Career Website Integration: Utilizing SmartDreamers' CMS, companies can develop tailored career websites that offer an exceptional candidate experience. A notable aspect is the ability to create custom application forms directly on these websites, eliminating the need for candidate redirection. These applications are then seamlessly imported into Greenhouse for corresponding job requisitions via API.
  • Analytics Integration: SmartDreamers integrates flawlessly with Greenhouse's analytics, improving data accuracy by employing automated UTM tracking to identify the origin of each candidate.
  • Job Feed Import: Job listings from Greenhouse are imported to SmartDreamers. This integration aids in the development of dedicated landing pages and targeted advertising campaigns for specific job vacancies.
  • CRM Candidate Import: Candidate data from Greenhouse can be transferred to SmartDreamers, particularly for involvement in targeted email nurturing campaigns. The import mechanism offers customization options, such as importing candidates based on certain criteria, like rejection status.


Together, these functionalities forge a dynamic, efficient, and user-friendly talent acquisition ecosystem, capitalizing on the individual strengths of both SmartDreamers and Greenhouse.

Transform your talent acquisition ecosystem from legacy to next-gen