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Quora for Recruitment
Quora is a popular question and answer site. Users post responses to queries, which are then voted up or down by the wider community. At first glance, this may not sound terribly relevant to recruiters, but in point of fact, this platform offers real opportunities for your employer branding efforts.

For one thing, it boasts more than 300 million monthly active users and approximately 400,000 topics! That’s a broad user base with a wide variety of interests for you to work with.

Like Reddit, Quora rewards those who build up a presence and reputation within the community by posting relevant answers, asking great questions, and engaging with the community as a way to increase overall awareness of your company and to show that you’re knowledgeable in your industry.

Choose this platform for white-collar and niche positions as well as brand awareness, taking advantage of targeting based on specific topics and questions discussed.
What you get through the SmartDreamers bespoke AdBuilder:
  • Save your customized audience to use for future campaigns;
  • Target based on topic, question or interest;
  • Machine Learning Algorithms to suggest the optimal budget amount for your campaign;
  • Dedicated CTAs depending on the desired outcome;
  • Ad formats supported: desktop and mobile.
A unified solution


Social media advertising

All your social media channels available on one platform.


Bring back career page visitors and generate more applications.


Set your job advertising on job boards, on autopilot.

Employer branding

Your target audience and your EB brought together.

Diversity and inclusion

All your D&I platforms in one unified platform.


Career page CMS

Take control of your career page and make it outstanding.

Landing pages

Create custom branded landing pages at scale.


Build lead capture or any other forms, integrated with your ATS.


Sourcing channels analytics

All metrics, from all sourcing channels, in one interface.

Career pages analytics

Track candidate behavior on all your career pages.

ATS data tracking

Connect SmartDreamers with your ATS to track soucing channels' ROI with precision.


Email automation

Create sophisticated emailing nurture campaigns on the fly.

Data collection

Automate data import from all touchpoints within the candidate journey.

CVs import

Automate profiles import from sourcing channels directly to your ATS.

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