One Platform. All Sourcing Channels. Automated.

SmartDreamers Attract brings all your employer branding and job advertising channels under one roof, while increasing your access to new sourcing channels.


Automate your job and employer branding ad campaigns

Job and employer content advertising can be a daunting task—you must interact with multiple vendors, sites, and platforms simultaneously. And choosing the best sourcing channels is often more of an educated guess than a data-driven decision. With SmartDreamers Attract, you can access all of your sourcing channels in one place and our intelligence advertising engine will recommend the best performing channels based on real-time KPIs.

Distribute your employer branding content where candidates will see it

Research shows that employers with a strong employer brand have a 43% lower cost-per-hire. SmartDreamers Attract brings your employer branding content and audience together. This strengthens your employer branding, which leads to more organic applies.


AdsWizz is now able to quickly spread our content all over the web, reaching a diverse crop of candidates across a wide range of channels, and track our progress on an extremely granular level.



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Retarget ads for better, faster hiring

Most users that visit your career page won't apply immediately. In fact, more than 90% of them will leave your website. With SmartDreamers Remarketing, you can bring back users based on their behavior on your career page—increasing conversion rates by 30% or more. Online recruitment is a journey. With SmartDreamers Remarketing your stay in close contact with your audience, from first click to final hire.

Communicate with your team for a unified Employer Branding strategy

Implementing a recruitment strategy can seem forbiddingly complex—but it doesn't have to be! With SmartDreamers, you can easily spread your brand to all corners of the internet, all while collaborating with your global team to keep your employer branding strategy aligned.


Your command center for candidate sourcing, integrated with your ATS

SmartDreamers fits perfectly into your recruitment software ecosystem, integrating with multiple ATS solutions.


Connect the tools you already use. Plus new ones.

SmartDreamers is the recruitment marketing automation platform that powers the best integrated talent acquisition ecosystems in the world. 

Do it all with just one platform



Create stylish, conversion-centric career pages and landing pages.



Understand your employer branding with data-driven insights.



Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on disruptive strategies.

Design a winning Recruitment Marketing Strategy - free SmartDreamers Academy course

Start with the fundamentals of old school recruiting, mix in the newest and hottest features of online marketing, and what you get is recruitment marketing—the best way to increase your talent pool and find the highest quality candidates for your open positions.

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