One unified platform. Your entire sourcing ecosystem.

SmartDreamers Attract brings all your employer branding and job advertising channels under one roof, acting as your command center for talent attraction.


AdsWizz has increased career page application by 75%.


L'Oreal has increased campaigns implementation speed by 12X.


Kaufland has increased career page traffic by 50%.

Make your sourcing ecosystem an efficient talent pipeline engine. Understand the ROI for each sourcing channel and optimize budget allocation for maximum efficiency.

Automate your job and employer branding ad campaigns

Access all of your sourcing channels in one unified platform. Deploy campaigns 12X faster than using each platform separately.

Distribute your employer branding content where candidates will see it

SmartDreamers Attract brings your employer branding content and audience together. This strengthens your employer branding, which leads to more organic applies.


AdsWizz is now able to quickly spread our content all over the web, reaching a diverse crop of candidates across a wide range of channels, and track our progress on an extremely granular level.



Anamaria Lepadatu

Global HR Manager



Behavioral retargeting ads for better, faster hiring

With SmartDreamers Remarketing, you can bring back users based on their behavior on your career page—increasing conversion rates by 30% or more.

Communicate with your team for a unified Employer Branding strategy

Implementing a recruitment strategy can seem forbiddingly complex—but it doesn't have to be! With SmartDreamers, you can easily spread your brand to all corners of the internet, all while collaborating with your global team to keep your employer branding strategy aligned.


Your enterprise-ready solution

SmartDreamers integrates with your ATS and creates a streamlined process from the first interaction with the candidates to the hiring process.


More ways to use SmartDreamers

It all starts with the consolidation of the sourcing ecosystem, but there are also other essential features such as candidate nurture, career pages management, data tracking, and more.


#1 In Talent Acquisition Digital Transformation

We deliver an outstanding customer experience with a state-of-the-art software solution for your better talent acquisition ecosystem.

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