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The Talent Acquisition Advertising Engine

Boosting connectivity with 20+ social platforms and niche sites, SmartDreamers Advertising helps you engage candidates where they spend their time online.

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Advertise on 20+ Niche Websites and Social Media Platforms

Your ideal candidates don't visit job boards. In fact, 80% of modern candidates are passive job seekers. With SmartDreamers Advertising, you can easily target ads straight to these passive candidates. Stay one step ahead of the competition with a proactive recruitment strategy.


Make Your Career Page Your #1 Source of Candidates

Classical recruitment solutions are expensive and slow: you post on job portals just to get a flood of irrelevant applications, while recruitment agencies charge you upfront to fill positions slowly. Ideally, companies can reduce their dependence on old school recruitment solutions by organically generating applies on their career pages. This is known as employer brand gravity, and it's the natural result of recruitment marketing automation.

Collaborate to Work Smarter

A rock-solid recruitment marketing strategy will always be a team effort. With SmartDreamers, your entire team stays in the loop. Share ads with your marketing department, create media libraries, and maintain a consistent employer brand. 


Scale Your Hiring With Ease

For global companies, implementing a recruitment strategy can seem forbiddingly complex. But it doesn't have to be! With SmartDreamers, you can easily spread your brand to all corners of the map, all while collaborating with your entire global team.

Reach the Other 80% of Candidates Where They Already Spend Their Time

SmartDreamers is a recruitment marketing automation solution that helps companies advertise across the web and reach untapped talent. How? By moving beyond job boards. 


Do it all with just one platform


Manage your recruitment-focused social media content with ease. 



Turn engaged social followers into qualified applicants. 



Track your employer branding success with robust visualizations. 


"As one of the fastest growing startups, with over 400 open positions worldwide, our recruitment needs increase on a monthly basis. SmartDreamers is the tool that helps us to extend our online talent reach."

Marius Istrate

Chief People Officer, UiPath