Talent Marketing Engine For High Volume Recruitment 

Turnover in the retail industry is at a record high, but with the right technology, you can reach more candidates in less time. SmartDreamers helps you do just that.



With SmartDreamers, Kaufland gained 28 million brand interactions in the first half of 2019 alone.


Kaufland decreased its total recruiting costs by almost 50%.


With streamlined and automated workflows, Kaufland boosted their total hires by 70%.

Purpose-built for teams like yours

Blue collar job candidates need to be reached on social media and other web

platforms⁠—but without automation, running dozens of online job advertisements

can quickly become tedious and time consuming.


Your challenges. Our mission to solve them.

As hiring needs in the retail industry accelerate, SmartDreamers makes sure your

talent acquisition accelerates even faster. Reach more candidates at a fraction

of the cost.

High personnel turnover

Retail jobs are notorious for low retention rates, and it can be difficult for recruiters to keep up. Job fairs and in-store advertising simply don't cut it anymore.


Attract more candidates

Fight volume with volume. SmartDreamers helps you to automate job ad distribution across the web so you can reach more candidates than ever in record time.

High volume of repetitive tasks

Manually posting job ads, taking in resumes, and collecting relevant reporting data takes up valuable time for recruiters⁠—time that could be better spent on more meaningful and creative tasks.


Automate all processes with RPA

Let the robots handle it! SmartDreamers' RPA functionality empowers you to automate job posting, CV intake, and data collection even for sites that don't offer relevant APIs for doing so.

High cost per hire

Candidates sourced through recruitment agencies and job boards tend to be expensive. Why? Because less informed candidates require more time and attention to


Generate strong employer brand gravity

Bring informed candidates straight to your careers page. With a strong employer brand, informed and engaged candidates will come to you⁠—reducing cost per hire.

With you. Every step of the way.

Your success is our success. Our team is committed to making sure you have the

tools you need to succeed in a competitive hiring market.

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Once you join SmartDreamers, we’ll walk you and your team through setup, live demos, and on-site training.

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Account Management

You’ll have a single point of contact to ensure your team is getting the most out of SmartDreamers.

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Dedicated Support

You’ll also get priority access to our customer solutions and support teams for questions and guidance on SmartDreamers best practices.