Build Beautiful Landing And Career Pages That Convert.

SmartDreamers Pages allow your team to create landing pages that convert users into hires—no code required.

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Easily create stylish career pages

Creating an attractive career page is no easy task—you're often dependent on your IT team and an ATS system that isn't optimized for quality UX. The result is a messy, time-intensive process. SmartDreamers cuts the complexity and lets you build conversion-focused pages in minutes.

Delight candidates with top-notch UX

How many quality applicants drop out due to complex or confusing application processes? Too many! Candidates are customers—they deserve a great user experience throughout their entire journey. Our customizable application forms provide just that with only a few clicks.

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We are using SmartDreamers as a center point solution for candidates sourcing, integrated in our recruitment software ecosystem.


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Liviu Anghel

Recruitment Europe Lead


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Discover award-winning templates

SmartDreamers partnered with top designers to create award-winning templates that optimize your career pages. Don't use precious time searching for inspiration—choose and implement in minutes. Then, sit back and watch as your conversion rate ticks up.

Integrate with Google and Adobe Analytics

How much time does each job candidate spend on your website? How many applicants are dropping out of your process, and why? SmartDreamers' Analytics integrations offer easy answers to all your KPI-related questions.

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Connected with your ATS

SmartDreamers Pages are integrated with your ATS for a streamlined process from first click to final hire.


Connect the tools you already use. Plus new ones.

SmartDreamers is the recruitment marketing automation platform that powers the best talent acquisition ecosystems in the world—helping companies to advertise across the web and reach untapped talent.

Do it all with just one platform



Advertise on platforms across the web to engage with candidates where they spend time.



Understand your employer branding with data-driven insights.



Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on disruptive strategies.

Turn passive candidates into hires - free SmartDreamers Academy course

Shifting toward online recruiting strategies that support modern candidates’ decision-making processes will pay off in the long run by reducing cost-per-hire, raising quality-of-hire, and improving time-to-hire.

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Get a free demo to see how SmartDreamers can work for you

In just 30 minutes, our team of specialists in recruitment marketing will guide you through the product and analyse how SmartDreamers best fits your talent acquisition ecosystem.