Our SmartRecruiters integration lets you seamlessly import your open positions from SmartRecruiters into SmartDreamers with a single click.

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Your ATS stands at the heart of your HR software ecosystem. Without it, the task of tracking open positions and managing incoming candidates would often be insurmountable, and your hiring efforts would become less efficient as a result. While this technology has been the cornerstone of talent acquisition technology for many years, in the modern era the needs of recruiters are beginning to evolve. Now, to truly provide value, your ATS should do more than just take in applications and spit out search query results: it should empower you to be smarter and more data-driven about the way that you attract, source, and review candidates. 



These new requirements start with the ATS itself, but they also extend beyond—meaning that in order to be truly effective in the world of increasingly competitive talent acquisition, your ATS needs to add value not just for screening and interviewing candidates, but for using recruitment marketing to actually attract those candidates in the first place.


Luckily for users of SmartRecruiters, SmartDreamers is able to offer just that. How? With our cutting edge recruitment marketing-ATS integration.


About SmartRecruiters


SmartRecruiters offers a connected, cloud-based approach to talent acquisition. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that helps HR teams manage every step of the process from applicant tracking to onboardingall designed around increasing collaboration and enhancing productivity. With SmartAssistant, SmartRecruiters is able to offer recruiters an AI-powered sidekick designed to make enterprise hiring efforts even more efficient and data-driven. This combines with the platform's larger set of tools to empower hiring managers and recruitment marketers to provide a great applicants experience and find the right talent for their companies.  



Why Integrate?


Since SmartRecruiters is offering HR users a more connected approach to talent acquisition, there’s no reason to put arbitrary limits on the use of that connectivity. Why shouldn’t recruitment marketers also be able to benefit from the level of technological integration already at work in SmartRecruiters’ software?


By creating an environment in which data can be shared back and forth between your ATS and your recruitment marketing platform, you can eliminate any potential areas of disconnect between the two functions. What do we mean by areas of disconnect? Well, let’s say that you’ve crafted an Instagram ad campaign aimed at filling a particular open position within your company. The ad showcases your employer brand in a way that appeals to your target personas; as such, it leads to a steady stream of qualified applicants. Eventually, one of the applicants is hired, ostensibly cementing a positive ROI for the ad campaign. Unfortunately, no one on the recruitment marketing side of the equation is ever informed that a hire has been made, so the ad keeps running even after the position has been closed. All of a sudden, your ROI is dropping precipitously because you're throwing money at an ad for a position that no longer exists.


On its face this might seem like a slightly unusual problem, but given how many different campaigns and channels a recruiter needs to keep track of in order to effectively target different segments of the talent market, it’s really not so farfetched that an obsolete ad could fly under the radar like this. By the same token, it’s easy to envision a scenario in which an ATS user changes elements of a particular job description, only to find that those elements aren’t being represented in any outbound messaging. The reason? A lack of integration between two increasingly-isolated pieces of technology.   


SmartDreamers’ Integration


At SmartDreamers, our goal is to make sure that any SmartRecruiters users on our platform are able to avoid the kind of disconnect and lost value we described above. That’s why, with just a few clicks in each app, you can automatically export data from SmartRecruiters straight to your SmartDreamers command center. Once the integration is enabled, SmartDreamers imports all existing positions that are live in the ATS and displays them on our platform. By default, the synchronization interval for this process is 5 minutes, which means that whenever a new position is added or an existing position is updated within SmartRecruiters, that update will be reflected in SmartDreamers within 5 minutes.


In this way, recruiters can implement their recruitment marketing strategies with full certainty as to which jobs are open and which aren’t. More than that, they can be sure that they’re appropriately crafting and targeting their campaigns to reflect the most up-to-date version of the position.


In addition to importing jobs from SmartRecruiters, SmartDreamers also offers application delivery directly into your ATS. If you’re utilizing a SmartDreamers landing page to direct potential candidates to apply, our platform can gather the data collected from these landing pages and transmit it to the relevant job opening within SmartRecruiters. If you’re using an external URL, our software can still send relevant data to your ATS; imports occur at 12 hour intervals, meaning that within 12 hours of receiving an application there will be a new applicant with an attached CV within your system.


In this way, you can turn your ATS into more than a tool for managing applicants. It becomes a crucial part of your talent acquisition engine, powering a more connected hiring process. With the information sharing between these two crucial functions automated, you can spend more time focused on crafting the most persuasive messaging and the best possible applicant experience.

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