The role of technology in Talent Acquisition During times of crisis




Adela Sandru

Business Development Manager @SmartDreamers


Karen Azulai

Global Sourcing Trainer | Co-founder @HRTechnation.com

About the webinar


When a crisis hits, we are forced to face the truth about our workflows, and the points where things could be done more efficiently. All of a sudden, the possibility of using technology as an advantage is staring us in the face.

In this webinar, we sit down with Karen Azulai, Global Sourcing Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Co-founder at HRTechnation.com and Mentor at AKT Labs, to discuss more about the role of Technology in Talent Acquisition during times of crisis.

Join us on to learn:

  • How technology can help TA teams maintain and streamline their online presence and communication
  • How tech adoption can drive cost optimization
  • The role that real-time data can play in your recruitment strategy