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Brian Hoey

The Top 5 Ways to Highlight Your Employee Value Proposition

Anyone who thinks that the best recruits always gravitate toward the highest salaries hasn’t been in recruitment very long. Money and benefits are important, of course, but company culture, intellectual stimulation, work-life balance, career advancement opportunities, and a myriad of other factors can play just as meaningful of a role when it’s time for a candidate to select the right offer. Taken together, these non-monetary considerations comprise your company’s employee value proposition (EVP), and they can have an outsized impact on your ability to attract top talent to your company.


  • Jul 17
  • 4 min read

What is Recruitment Marketing Automation?

Consider the following hypothetical: your small business is in the middle of a major hiring push and suddenly your lead hiring manager is taken ill and will be unable to perform her job for a matter of weeks or months. What structures or tools would need to be in place to prevent your recruitment efforts from screeching to a halt in the face a catastrophe of this sort? What would make it easier to continue ongoing employer branding efforts on social media and other platforms? How the would the interim hiring manager turn position profiles stored in the company's ATS into online recruiting strategies that are consistent with existing efforts? Simply put, the most straightforward answer is recruitment marketing automation.


  • Jul 17
  • 3 min read

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