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Google Analytics vs. Facebook: Why Don’t They Agree?

Analytics processes have come a long way towards making recruitment marketing more effective and efficient, giving recruiters the insights they need in order to understand their efforts and replicate what works. But wait—what happens when your various analytics seem to be telling a different story? Let’s say, according to Facebook, a particular ad was clicked 2,000 times, but your Google Analytics account asserts that it resulted in only 1,500 sessions. Or, maybe your Google Ads is showing you different conversion rates for a particular ad than Google Analytics, giving you mixed signals about how e...
Tarina Pop
SmartDreamers Perspectives: How Google Analytics Integration is Changing Recruitment
Everyone wants to be more data-driven, but when it comes to recruitment marketing that’s not always as easy as it might seem. Sure, when you roll out a social media advertising campaign you can pretty easily find out how many candidates are seeing your ads and clicking your links—but what happens after that? How can you gain insight into users’ behavior once they’ve clicked through your CTA and navigated to your career page or job landing page?   For many or even most recruiters, the knee jerk answer here is “Google Analytics.” But this, too, can be deceptively...
Tarina Pop

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