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Cristina Rotari

Cristina Rotari

Introducing SmartDreamers Nurture – A Candidate Centric Communication Engine

The context of the global pandemic has sparked innovations in how companies engage with their talent pool remotely. Since casting the widest net is not a viable option, recruiters today tap into strategies that help them focus on quality leads instead. Automated lead nurture platforms have taken center stage. And for a good reason.

  • Nov 12
  • 5 min read

What Are the Keys to a Thriving HR Ecosystem?

HR technology in 2019 is changing rapidly. According to Crunchbase, VCs invested the equivalent of 700 million USD in recruiting software startups this year alone. The race to define the perfect HR technology ecosystem is on in full force, and there are as many potential answers as there are startups. Even amidst all of these new and exciting developments, one thing remains pretty clear: there are a lot of considerations that go into defining the right technology for any given HR team, and making that determination really requires a deep dive into the way that candidates are attracted, engaged, and converted in the modern era.

  • Nov 14
  • 5 min read

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