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Guest Post: Employer Branding in the Automotive Industry

Ema Dobre
2 min. read

The automotive industry will evolve more in the next 5 years than it has in the last 50. Automakers across the world are working to create electric and autonomous vehicles as the industry changes rapidly around them.

At Groupe Renault Romania, we are working to reinvent mobility for all, leveraging fast-paced technological change into cutting edge innovations that will dramatically evolve the way people use the vehicle: for example, if today robo-vehicle ride-hailing services are concepts, tomorrow they will become reality.

As the industry evolves and what’s going on beneath the hood becomes less important than what’s going on in the cloud, talent acquisition strategies must also adapt and anticipate the business need for bright minds ready to invent the technologies of tomorrow. As most industries are undergoing profound digital transformations, automotive industry included, the competition on the talent market is growing stronger and stronger, all looking for the brightest people to join their quest for innovation.

How do we stand out? Employer branding!

The commercial brand plays an important role and brings an important advantage as Groupe Renault Romania is associated with a great tradition and there is an important emotional connection between our brand and the Romanian consumers. Another important influence on the employer brand comes from the 180,000-strong worldwide team, 18,000 of which in Romania who act as our brand ambassadors.

Building on this existing brand strength, our talent acquisition team promotes 3 employer brand pillars:

Reinventing mobility: We offer the chance to work on high-tech products in a way that would have a transformative impact on society and the lives of others. Our future colleagues take on the challenge to make transportation safer and more convenient for all.

The power of diversity: Renault has a large international presence both as an employer and as a vector of innovation in the automotive industry, providing us an unparalleled cultural and generational awareness. The rich diversity that our world has to offer, our common technology platforms and multidisciplinary teams offer our candidates a truly international experience.

Making an impact: Our culture and values unite us around a common purpose: to make a positive impact on the world. Each of our colleagues has an impact and a unique contribution and the entire team rallies around a common, shared goal. We empower our teams by providing flexible learning environments where their ideas can flourish. We encourage risk taking as source of motivation and performance.

However, it is not only about the branding message, it is also about how it reaches the target audience. Up until now, the traditional recruitment methods were successful – the “post and wait” strategy was effective. Now that the expectations of the talent pool has changed and the market has significantly become more competitive, we are using a Marketing Driven Talent Acquisition approach in order to promote our employer brand. With thoughtful and engaging content across our recruitment-focused Facebook and Instagram pages and our Life@Renault page on LinkedIn, we are highlighting the day-to-day experiences of our team.

We use this digital mix to easily meet our targeted candidates that consider these platforms most relevant and spend time on. We also use the SmartDreamers recruitment marketing automation solution for posting job ads on those same platforms; this way our team can spend more time on building the right strategies that engage with the right people. The nature of the auto industry is changing rapidly, but it will always be first and foremost about the people that move our world forward.

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